Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Energy Audit Results

We met today (Auld and White, Trane, Paul Tyler, Becky and myself) to get the results of the energy audit. We learned there is no where to go but up on energy efficiency! We are currently running the original HVAC system in this building. The building is 31 years old and HVAC systems are made to last about 15 years…not to mention there have been a few strides in energy efficiency in systems since 1981. We currently spend about $3.60 per square foot each month on energy costs. The industry average is about $1.20/sq ft. We need a completely new system and the initial estimates are in the $200k to $300k range. OUCH! We plan to go through the InvestSmart program through JEA, so I need to get an itemized list of what is reimbursable. The program allows for 50 percent of expenses to be reimbursed up to $75k per calendar year (i.e. spend $150k, get $75k back for each calendar year). This is a great program. Now, I just need to have a better understanding of “expenses” and what the contractors and energy people include in the $200-300k.

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